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Here are five west Java meals for ready meals

There are many recipes for dishes from West Java, some of which are the method for ready meals for West Java’s regular meals Not only are they  rich in spices, but they also have a large, tasty meal in West Java.

Most Sandanese prefer a delicious meal of spice and salt, but on the other hand they eat fresh vegetables Besides being healthy and delicious, this vegetable can be easily done even if it is not cooked long.

Some of the original dishes from West Java as favourites of everyone including local people are Karidov, Tahoe Gejrov, then famous on the legend These five methods can be tested  directly   for West Java’s regular diet.

There may seem to be plenty of components in the table, but these dishes are actually easy to cook, and some of the ingredients used are readily available and costly To start learning immediately to cook this traditional meal, see the review below so loved ones can enjoy it.

Salad in Western food, West Java Carridot

One of the five ready-to-eat meals of West Java, which you should know , is carradog, and you eat vegetable salads in Western restaurants The same is true of this dish, in which the structure is composed of the same variety of vegetables, and only the vegetable type is different from the salad.

If salads are often used in satu, parrots, sweet ivory, as well as tomatoes opposite the karadob, this traditional dish in West Java contains fresh vegetables.” It contains fresh vegetables, long vegetables, long beans, golf, beta, leaves, and even vegetables around them, all feeding fresh and cutting pieces.

If the salad uses such clothing as olive oil or myonoids, the caridot also uses spices made from natural components. It also uses eight seeds of red pepper, as well as parts of brown sugar.

To make the flavor more stable, Buhi has a taste of salt as well as pieces of pepper. Add water as needed if distributed smoothly.

Now one of West Java’s five ready-to-eat recipes  has been completed, and the caradot is delicious and fragrant By pouring a delicious peanut butter, you have to taste and practise it, and what are you waiting for? It’s a turn to try.

Seblak Spicy Crackers are completely with favourite dishes

Another traditional meal coming from West Java is sublack crackers, and if you usually eat crackers in terrible fabric, the oil black The crackers are remarkably delicious by adding spices, which may sound unfamiliar but no doubt addicted if tried.

Of course, the ingredients of five foods ready for a regular meal in West Java can also include other ingredients, such as meat machines, vegetables, eggs, and chicken legs.

It’s also very easy to do, first of all, you have to prepare a key part of the bicycle, which is wet cracks in the water, then you can start making sions and dry leaves, four seconds and three seeds, and then some Kayanippa.

Adjust your taste, add six long peppers and pieces of sex, then add water to cook, add shrimp, pale, and sugar, and correct the flavor as you wish.

If it starts boiling, you can start placing wet crackers earlier and cut them off according to meatballs or flavor. You can also add pieces of cabbage, cook everything until it is cooked, and hydrates and smell must be very attractive at one time when it is still hot.

Nasi Tutug Oncom Kunci ukfills your stomach

West Java’s five recipes for ready-to-eat meals are truly different, one of the most sought after methods, this time the menu, this time This time, heavy dishes really revealed the identity of West Java, mixed with a delicious, delicious piece of rice.

This time, dishes are very suitable for lunch or dinner, and the manufacturing process itself is not difficult. After preparing, use a fold to make a rough sprint, preparing only the onions and five grains each.

Five Kayani shrimps and five fresh Chilean lakes, one finger to add to the spice Burn half a teaspoon of tea and add the salt and sugar as needed, purifying all the spices until well stirred.

If it stays smooth, combine it with melted fragrances, then bread or l until cooked and slightly dried. Bake the spices, prepare warm rice, and be ready to eat while still smoking.

Legendary homemaker Gejrot Tofu

The fourth  of West Java’s five regular meals  is the Gijerot Tofu recipe. You are a stranger who hears the following unique dishes Certainly not, because they are easy to spot in street vendors from afternoon to evening, as well as being filled, this dish is delicious.

The combination of spices and sweets as well as flavours greatly influences the consumer’s tongue.” The distinctive tofu is also a soft piece of yelphoombic, who would think that the way to make this food is so easy and practical?

You only need to make a peanut sauce to smooth the onion and white as well as green. Then pour samarin, then tarmacin, salt and water on top of the spices that were earlier dismantled.

Also in the squares, prepare and cut off the pontoon, pour the rhythmic soup over the top, and then pour it on top. Don’t forget when you’re going to enjoy it, and don’t forget to sprinkle packages for the tops, and Gejrot Tofu is ready to serve.

Originally published as Le Watson of West Java

The last  of West Java’s last five recipes for ready meals for regular  meals is rose rice. salt fish and fresh Who can withstand the delicious rice by adding fresh pieces of pieces, and you can make this dish yourself to enjoy it?

This method is very easy to cook, such as a low-flavored brown, caramel pepper, pressed lemon grid, dried leaves, margarine, margarine, salt, and taste.

Wait for the electric cook to cook and cook rice, and you can enjoy Le Watson with all sorts of side dishes you love, which are five recipes for the regular meal of West Java that you can easily practise at home.

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