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West   Java Dukcapil Services  LEngkap For Community  Needs

The use  of the various services provided by  West Java dukcapil is certainly an important thing for  the community.   Each resident must in any event be recorded in detail as the colour of the country for the purposes of  national archives . From there,  it will be clear about the rights and obligations of an  Indonesian citizen.

During the  country’s life in the region, of course, everyone wants to get a level of social assistance as a  resident.   In  addition,  the province is one of the regions with the  highest  population in  Indonesia.   As it is  close to  the centre of the  state government, this province should pay particular  attention to its population.

Until now, population data will show what level of  community social protection is based on different  aspects.   If  all obligations have been fulfilled  , people’s  rights will certainly be acquired without  discrimination.   In fact,  there are many interests and needs, so they need to  be ersy to increase people’s  living  standards.

This debate  will clarify  the profile of the population in the West  Jave area  dukcapil.  The  following data will also help to make all elements   more easily controlled by the government than  intended. For the sake of common interest, it is certainly capable  of making  the  achievements that the community and the government can  enjoy.

Population growth   in the West Java region

At the  time of  the calculation of the number of inhabitants inhabited in the  region , the census program became the main mode.   Every year, the  government launches  a program  to understand the number of  people as a whole.   It has long been not possible to use the census as a method of accurate calculation throughout the  year.

When you see a significant  increase in the number of people,  it can certainly be used for strategic  policies.   The way the census  is led is therefore also aimed at accurate collection of data  from house to house.   This method can be used to know in detail about people’s  data based on sexual groups.

According to data recorded in the West Jave office, male sex was recorded at 25,265,315 people.  Meanwhile  ,  data  on female gender were   24,670,543 people  with fewer  comparisons.   There are  a total of 49,935,858  people who are included in the  civil register through the census program.

The data are  the result of the  2020 census programme,  which shows the latest  population data.  Given  the diversity of the background of the people in the region,  it can certainly be used as  a government plan.   Every policy strategy must be able to target all groups of  people in order  to  ensure the value  of justice.

Public services must also be provided as much   as possible so that     they have the best impact on people’s      needs.     As long as the government does the best, it will certainly be able to take good steps from all groups. As long as your data is recorded in the government’s census program, it will certainly be more comfortable in society.

The most complete types of services from government services

Throughout national life, it is certain that not every citizen can be separated from the management of west Jave dukcapil. All citizens must have an official and legal identity on government data. This has become one of the obligations if you live in the territory of the country.

There are various functions for recording citizens’ data through the department in charge of matters.  It will start with education, employment, insurance and almost all other  aspects will be linked to the  data.   The  reason is that these  data work   by showing that you are a  resident  with official status.

The first case related to services in the  government system is the collection of data in order to have an ID card.   This identity is mandatory as a criterion for all ora ng  with a minimum age of  17  years.  It start with owning a  card ID  , later it can be used to care for many  other  things that are needed.

In order  to obtain an  ID card, you must register with complete information through  the West Java dukcapil service.  But  these aren’t  all kinds of services from the service because the focus is  so great.   Another example is  data collection   to get special  programmatic  assistance from the government according to  certain criteria.

With  this  management,   you’ll enjoy programs that specifically target  specific groups.   This means that at least  you must officially register your identity in population matters as soon as possible.   Guaranteed will be more comfortable  if matters with the government are rigged  for special benefits.

You can arrange E-KTP and other data online

Behind the progress of technology to become increasingly modern, The Dukcapil Office of West Jave is also trying to improve  its quality. In particular, the quality of public services will focus on sophisticated systems to help people’s needs.  Real  evidence can be seen from the online system by relying on the  Internet to cater for  different needs.

Thanks  to the presence of the Internet, you do not always have  to  visit official  offices if it can  be done online.   It turns out that the help of these facilities has facilitated and more flexible community activities.   There  is no doubt  that the government’s objective in relation to this innovation is to serve effectively  and efficiently.

The reason  is that  a very high population must be able to cause enormous needs at all  times.   If you are able to realize  online  services  ,  you will certainly be more comfortable without having to  do mobility.   Different things need to  be completed from home, too, because they are equipped with sophisticated systems over  the Internet.

An example of a  west Java dukcapil service  that needs to be run online is an application for making  E-KTP.   For submissions  , it is possible to fill out a  form through  internet facilities, so there is no need for  a long waiting time.  From  there, there  were big changes in support of the well-being  of the people  –  starting  at work.

For married couples who have just married, they are, of course, able to easily take care of a family card. It was therefore ensured that later it would be more practical in accepting services to take care of important things. In terms of you do not need to be distracted and entangled during the period when you apply for services as necessary.

Reporting system that can help the service get better

Since there is a complete and integrated type of service, all conveniences can reach different customers. Whether it’s the public or the government, online systems can be used as much as possible during working hours.       In addition     , specific services can be used to report different types of complaints  .

You can use a  system to send  suggestions  and criticisms through a service program called Lapor.   In general, it can be criticised if you feel the government is missing out. On the other hand, the Report is also used as a means of re-licking proposals if there is an input.

Of course, any form of criticism and advice from the population can help the dukcapilu of West Jave to improve its quality. Such two-bedroom interaction and communication will undoubtedly lead to change.     Because      of     the hope of the online system, residents certainly do not hesitate to express their personal opinions.

You can use the  App and The Lapor website for  the full 24 hours to  make it easier for you to access  it.  All  forms of input will  be used as an effort to change to make the  service more excellent.   If  it is able  to meet all people’s needs,  it will certainly become more comfortable for  all parties.

From now on, there is no need to worry about the latest system on the civil registry. All services can be accessed practically with the support of Internet technology and data security. Thus, all communities in the area of western Jave are assured that they can enjoy the most complete facilities.

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