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3 ways to transfer telkomsel quota is currently important to know if at any time you or your friends run out of quota. Of course, it will be problematic if in 1 hour you do not have a quota.  You will not be able to use communication applications such as whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, and so on. Likewise, social media applications cannot be accessed without quotas.

In fact, for now the need for communication applications is very important. Especially for people who work remotely, communication in full work is done through electronic devices. Work will be hampered, even missing important moments when running out of quotas.

Likewise with social media, both users and content creators. For users, of course, you don’t want to miss new news from friends. For content creators, you want to immediately capture and share interesting moments. If it is only a few hours late, it will lose its feel because many people have shared it.  After being able to feel the importance of quota, we provide information about 3 ways to transfer telkomsel quota.

3 Ways to Transfer Telkomsel Quota Easily

Di below is a way used to transfer telkomsel quota in an easy way.

  1. Sending Quota Through UMB
  2. To send credit via UMB please open the “call” service.
  3. Enter the number *500*2# to get a selection of services.
  4. You will be displayed an internet data service message, select point 1 for the “Yes” command.
  5. Then, you can write the provider number that will be sent internet data.
  6. The next step is to fill in the value of the internet data to be sent
  7. Finally enter the number 1 for the agree command.
  8. If the delivery process is successful, you will get a successful quota delivery message.
  9. Through USSD
  10. Please open the “call/phone” menu, then enter *363 #
  11. After that, arahkan at point 8 to open internet data information
  12. Point 7 for other package commands.
  13. Select point 4 or “Gift” for the command to send internet data.
  14. Fill in the number of the provider you want to go to.
  15. Then, point to the command “quota transfer Flash Gift package”.
  16. Finally, just give a send order and wait for the information on the completion of the credit transfer process.
  17. Through the App
  18. To send internet data using one of the 3 ways of telkomsel quota transfer using the My Telkomsel application must install it on electronic devices. Please download it in the play store, if you don’t already have one.
  19. If the app is installed please point to “Give Rewards”
  20. Navigate the “quota transfer” panel
  21. Next fill in the number of the intended friend provider for internet data. Likewise with the amount of internet data that will be sent.
  22. Not long ago, I will get a confirmation message.
  23. Please confirm to complete the process of sending internet data.

Requirements dan Telkomsel Quota Send Rules

The requirements to be able to apply the 3 ways of telkomsel quota transfer above, when the intended provider is the same under Telkom companies, such as Telkomsel, and Telkomsel Loop, SimPATI. For now, it is still not able to send to other providers outside Telkom such as Indosat, and so on.

The next requirement is that at least internet data can be sent 50 MB with . The maximum limit in one transfer is 5 hundred MB. While the total delivery in 1 day maximum is 3 GB with a maximum delivery frequency of 6 times. So, if you use the maximum value of both the frequency and the amount of internet data, the value is exactly 3GB.

While the fee required for 1 transfer is 5 thousand rupiah. While the remaining credit when taken 5 thousand rupiah for shipping costs is 1 thousand rupiah. So when on your  card the remaining credit is 5 thousand rupiah, can not send quota.

In addition, the limit for using internet data from 3 telkomsel quota transfer methods is 3 days. When it exceeds 3 days, the internet data sent by others will no longer be used. Even the internet data will be scorched, and the value returns to what it was, if you don’t fill it. But for the sender, the period of use will not decrease.

Telkomsel’s Advantages Make It Easier to Deliver

Knowing 3 ways to transfer telkomsel quota is not only important because of the needs. In addition, the users of providers under Telkom are relatively more than other providers. So who wants to get a shipment or send credit is much easier.

The number of these users is inseparable from the many advantages that can be enjoyed by users. Today no less than 78 million people become its loyal customers. This is because the network is considered the most stable. In addition, the signal range can reach 95 percent of all Indonesians.

With more than 27 thousand telecommunications infrastructure, it is not surprising that human rightspir all regions in Indonesia can use it. This provider has built more than 24 thousand telecommunications access in the village through USO. In addition, under Telkom besides Telkomsel there is also Telkomsel Loop, AS Card, and SimPATI that can transfer internet data from Telkomsel.

Regarding network quality, telkomsel continuity can meet world standards with coverage of more than 98 percent of its connectedness rate. The quality of this network is also affected by dual band GMS 9 hundred, 1.8 thousand, to +3G.

This is inseparable from the magnitude of anggara to maintain network stability and quality. No less than 17 trillion rupiah is provided to maintain consumer comfort. This is to maintain the network, service, and develop its products.

Telkomsel also continues to develop its products.  You can mention, ring names, iPhone 3G, Black Berry Internet Service, Wallet T-Cash, mobile banking, Telkomsel Flash, and so on. Telkomsel will continue to develop its innovations to meet the mobile lifestyle.

Not to mention when you experience difficulties, Telkomsel’s professionalism is shown by Customer service. Currently, more than 500 thousand service centers are provided with high standards. There are M-kiosks, Outlet dealers, Gra PARI, Call centers, and so on.

How to Save Shipping Quota

Considering that the quota sent is limited, of course you have to use it as sparingly as possible. This effort sometimes fails because everything is needed for important things. However, there are several efforts that can be done to save data obtained from one of the 3 ways to transfer telkomsel quota.

  1. Turn off Auto-Update

Among those who often spend data unconsciously update the application automatically. To avoid this, you can set up application updates to be done manually. Change the Auto Update on the play store settings to over Wifi Online or Don’t Auto Update.

  1. Turn off AutoPlay

This automatic download can also apply to applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Change the settings from automatic downloads of media/files sent by others to manual downloads. This can be done by setting the data storage for manual download.

To save data, you can use the offline system in applications that are commonly used online. For example, the spotify application, Google Map, and so on provide offline and online formats. But for some applications, you can use the offline format for paid.

Finally, if you can indeed access M-Banking or how to buy other credit independently, you can immediately do it. Safer, easier, can measure usage limits and so on. From the process of 3 ways of telkomsel quota transfer is only used when in a precarious situation only.

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