Griffith is now a mute shell of the man he once was. Griffith’s look has significantly changed since then. : Mangamefi

Kentaro Miura is the author and artist of the dark fantasy comics from the Berserk series.

Guts and Guts, a lone mercenary,

Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk, a group of mercenaries, and a lone mercenary,

are the central characters in this grim mercenary tale.

A celestial world that mimics medieval Europe serves as the setting for the story.

Community and loneliness are recurring themes throughout the novel.

In addition to the question of whether mankind is essentially good or bad,

because it discusses both the good and bad aspects of human nature.

Due to the violence and sexual themes they include, both anime and manga have gained popularity.

Bloody manga gone berserk.
For their role in finishing the century, the Hawks are initially lauded as heroes.

the state of Mid has been devastated by a lengthy war

Until Guts decides to leave the group, Land

to pursue his own path. The hopes of Griffith to become king, on the other hand, are dashed.

Griffith abuses alcohol after being given a year in prison for failing to cope with the loss of his wife.

the King’s daughter Charlotte is being pursued. Griffith was rescued by Guts by helping the last Hawks members before they were expelled.

Griffith is now a mute shell of the man he once was. Griffith’s look has significantly changed since then.

deeply scarred Knowing the location of his corpse is too much for Griffith to bear.

His wants show that he has too much on his mind, and he mistakenly injects his companion with the behelit.

Four God Hand archdemons working for the Eclipse are encountered as the Hawks follow this trail into a new realm.

Griffith is persuaded to surrender his army to the apostles by the eldritch spirits,

who, like Zodd, have traded up mankind and their families to gain access to the tremendous power of the God Hand.

Griffith might ultimately succeed in becoming

He does this and ends up becoming the last of the God Hand, the chief.

The mysterious Skull Knight prevents the death of Guts and his loved one Casca.

He saw his fellow soldiers’ horrific execution.

Guts must yet continue to see his companions’ deaths in battle. Intestines loses an eye and an arm, while Casca goes insane after being sexually assaulted by Griffith’s reincarnation, Femto.

Miura made the first Berserk comic available to fans in 1988.

as a result of speaking with Farnese of the

Guts runs into the terrifying Holy See Church Holy Iron Chain Knights.

It culminates in Griffith’s torture

gaining back one’s bodily type. While Griffith puts together a second Band of the Hawk,

and solicits the assistance of Zodd and other Apostles

Guts enlists C

Asca made his way to Elfhelm, the elf realm, with the help of his new comrades, where he found safety.

Griffith argues that all efforts must be made to stop the ushan invasion. the death of the Emperor of Kushan

or the blending of spiritual and

Natural realms mark the conclusion of the

The Kushan empire was at battle with Griffith, a dissident apostle.

With the aid of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith bravely seizes power in Midland.

conflict brought by by either good or evil. In order to shield Midland inhabitants from the expanding

Additionally, he founds the monster-infested city of Falconia.

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