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Bosch Service Services Private Kitchen Appliance Repair Service

The Bosch Service Center is a service for Bosch product users who need to advise or repair the devices of this brand.As one of the produsen household appliances with decades of experience, Boschku not only serves the sale of products and appliances, but also services.

Bosch is renowned as a leading appliance brand in the home that pays great attention to environmental protection. Applications owned by this company are 40% related to environmental protection. It’s not unusual if you find the name ” Green Technology Inside” in the product of this company.

While it upholds the concept of recycling, the products offered can work well and have the power to be very suitable to meet daily needs.  You can find kitchen appliances, refrigerators with other household appliances in this brand.

Although it has a high resilience of applications that make Bosch products not easily damaged, the bosch service center still provides services. because basically within a certain period of material use will certainly be damaged.

The repair services provided can be accessed online on bosch.co.id’s official website. Starting with public services on household products and other household appliances, service services, buying spare parts, so that video tutorials of their own use and repair can be accessed through your fingers.

FaQs on Bosch products

Bosch supplies a variety of household tools based on the latest technology that sometimes confuses early adopters so they need guidance when using them for the first time. Therefore, the Bosch Service Center also provides you with assistance services to use the product.

You can access the official website of the bosch.co.id to find a user manual for electrical appliances, both new and unsold in the market.  You can download the guide and type it out. For products that are no longer marketed, enter the serial number of tools to get the user manual.

In addition to accessing the website, you can also use the telephone service (021) 3005 6565 to ask for direct customer service on the product and how to use the product. it will be directed so you can follow the steps in order.

Not only for consumers who already have Bosch’s flagship products, the call center line can also be contacted by you who are product enthusiasts. Please contact us for questions about the products being marketed. Any questions about small and large household appliances will be answered by the BOSCH CS Service Center.

Storage techniques for Bosch equipment repair

For consumers experiencing problems with Bosch household products, there is no need to be confused about repairs. Because of all the problems involving the product can be solved by using the service of the mechanicin. Access ing the official website bosch.co.id then go to the service page.

You will look for a menu to do technical storage. Please fill out the form provided, starting with the description of the name of the journalist, address, contact number, to the device code. E-NR or model number is very important to write, because it is the identity of the product to be corrected.

Please write an E-NR number or take a photo of the identity plate of this product. It also adds fd dates, purchase dates, and enters the damaging messages that take place. For example, the dishwasher will not turn on or the fridge does not release cold air.

By filling out a full form, the Bosch Service Center can process your request quickly;if the service request is verified, the administrator will contact you to schedule the arrival of the engineer to conduct the inspection.The time selection will be adjusted to your time and the engineer’s work schedule.

After the engineers make the inspection, it is clear what damage has been done, how it is handled, whether the spare parts are replaced or not, as well as the cost of repairs. If it’s still within the guarantee period you don’t need to have the cost of repairs, only when outside the guarantee period you have to pay for the service.

You can also make engineering collections via telephone that can be contacted on Sunday, Monday to Friday, starting from 8:30 to 17:30 (local time). For Sundays and red date phone services are neglected, but online services are still available.

Video Self Help Product Bosch

The Bosch Service Also provides assistance in solving problems independently of consumers through video troubleshooting.  You can deal with some of the basic problems by watching video tutorials that are easy to understand and use.Even without a manual, you can do it.

Discover a step by step that provides an easy process to use a Bosch product. It doesn’t take long, it’s easy to learn and apply so that simple problems can be handled on your own without the help of a mechanic. In addition to the renovation video, there is a video to carry out maintenance.

By knowing how to do the best care for your household products, the smaller risk of experiencing damage and can expand product benefits.  The Bosch Service also provides online maintenance assistance features to make it easier for consumers to do their own care at home.

This kind of aid service teaches consumers more autonomy, so they don’t always rely on technicians in small repairs. In addition to simplifying it, it increases user knowledge of various methods of improvement through specially made video tutorials and pays attention to aspects of user convenience.

Consumers can also find video tutorials in use so as not to mistake when using products, especially for electrical products. Plus video tutorial simple cooking using A Bosch product that produces a very delicious meal in a short time and easy to follow.

As for household appliances and appliances

The Bosch Service Center also provides a variety of spare parts for household appliance products, even for old products.  You just need to check the presence of a snapshot on the official website or contact the call center. mention the EN-R code to get the right information.

Then find the nearest vendor or service location that provides these spare parts.  You can place orders online, and a team of technicians will come to deliver parts while helping to do repairs. Speed, quality, and reliable services are the importance of Bosch services.

In addition to the spare parts, there are also appliances that can be made up of household appliances. Many appliances can install supplied appliances such as filters and replacement dust bags for vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances to strengthen the bosch kitchen, and other appliances.

Choosing the right accessories in addition to being suitable to use along with these devices will enhance the beauty so that they look like classrooms and beautifies the planning of  your home.For example, cooking and cooking machines with believed kitchen equipment It is considerable and elegant, as well as a variety of care products to give the kitchen design an epic look.

You can also consult on buying parts and equipment with Bosch consultants so that making the acquisition more targeted.  You just buy the right and useful items so you can save on costs. In addition, buying goods without a calculation makes you collect unused items.

To maintain customer satisfaction, Bosch provides after-sales services through providing online and online services to all users of both latest and old products.   You can contact the bosch service center via the website or via a phone number for help.

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