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Call center Telkomsel Halo, the best service for customers

The Telkomsel Halo call center is a special service for Halo card users. We know that Telkomsel is a telecom company that contains several cards such as Simpati, As and Halo. Such cards have their advantages for users. Meanwhile, Telkomsel customers themselves consist of two types, both prepaid and cash on delivery.

The Halo card is a Telkomsel postpaid service. This means that Telkomsel serves payment methods using a system that uses the product first. Payment methods can also be made using a variety of means. It is definitely very easy for consumers. Consumers can set the value of bills and control them. So that he can do good financial planning.

Another advantage of using a Halo card is getting network priority for telephone service when traffic is heavy and high. The Telkomsel call center service, of course, serves various maps. This is done as a form of providing satisfactory service to consumers.

You don’t have to worry if there is a sudden problem regarding the card. In addition, the company will also provide you with interesting offers and information.

Tariff to the call center “Telkomsel Halo”

We know that there are call center services that are free and paid. Especially if you want to talk directly to offier customer service in general is also paid. This is the same as the telkomsel halo call center service.   To be able to use it, you can contact the Halo card call center at 188.

You will get a quick response from the customer service officer. If when you call, but the conditions are very crowded, of course, you will have to stand in line first. The company will strive to provide prompt response and satisfactory service.

When it comes to call center rates, you don’t need to worry as the cost is very cheap and pocket-friendly. That is Rp. 300 per call. Therefore, you need to prepare enough credit to take advantage of it. With the amount of the fee that was known at the beginning, you can prepare well.

If the speed of a conversation with a customer service employee is determined according to the phone’s applicable local rate, of course, this makes you unable to anticipate the need for costs or credit. This is because you can’t confirm the length of time you talk to a customer service employee later. Of course, this makes you anxious and concerned about the cost.

Telkomsel Halo call center within 24 hours

The Telkomsel Halo call center provides service time for a full 24 hours a day and a week. This makes you worry as the customer service specialist team is ready to provide maximum service without being limited by time. This service, one might say, is a new breakthrough, since in general customer service is carried out during business hours.

As a rule, a full 24-hour service in one week is provided by an agency such as a hospital. However, if there is a telecommunications company that provides full service, of course, it is very well welcomed by consumers.

Product information services in telkomsel halo information center

In addition to handling complaints, telkomsel halo  call center also serves related to product information. Consumers can actually access product information through a company number, but sometimes the information obtained may not be exhaustive. This is the important role of call center services.

The Halo card, of course, has a variety of products that consumers can enjoy. Starting from the products of internet packages, as well as entertainment or entertainment. Unlimited Internet services are available for Internet package products. The price is also very affordable for consumers, starting from IDR 100,000 per month.

Meanwhile, other recent services in general can be obtained by looking for the latest information on the official website. However, to quickly obtain information, this can be done by contacting the official call center.

For customers who want to get a special entertainment package, Halo game is reachable. You can watch a variety of interesting movies you want through different channels. Such as HBO, VIU, Vidio and others. You can purchase special packages to get the best price. Some of these products will certainly be clearly informed by the customer service team.

If you are looking for information via the Internet or the official website, it may be that the information received may not be as detailed and complete as if you were contacting a customer service officer. Also, when you still don’t understand the products offered by the company, you can get explanations and answers directly.

Complaint service at Telkomsel Halo Call Centre

The Telkomsel Halo call center also serves all sorts of complaints, complaints and criticisms. So that if you want to file complaints or criticisms, they can be transmitted through the right channels from the company. If you file complaints and criticism with inappropriate ways and methods, of course, this can harm this company.

Wrong ways and ways, such as transmitting words on personal social networks that vilify a particular company. This, of course, has a bad effect. For example, creating influence or influence on others. Other people may not like the company. Even though other people do not know the problem properly.

Simply because of someone’s bad reaction to the product can make the company lose money in the long run. His clients could stay away. Therefore, it is very important to convey criticism and complaints through official channels or channels of the company, such as call centers. This call center is like a long arm and a company representative.

If the complaint is filed through a team of customer service personnel, you will receive a clear and reliable response. In addition, the customer service specialist team will also transfer directly to the company’s management. If you complain about a complaint, making noise and vilifying the company, of course you will not get an answer or response.

There is also ethics for making a complaint. The principle is not to use language that can vilify other companies. Although it is a criticism, it is very important to convey it ethically. For example, do not be angry with personal accounts on social networks. If you are filing a complaint through social media, this should be done on the account of the company in question.

If through the call center, of course, the principle of filing complaints is ethically the same. As an opening, you can express your gratitude in advance for the provision of services and packages. You can then file complaints or complaints experienced ones. The customer service team will certainly serve patiently and wholeheartedly.

The next step is to listen to the responses sent by the customer service team. If you still feel disagreed and want to argue, argue politely, not emotionally. You can file a complaint or complaint based on evidence and objective data or, in other words, without making it up.

If all complaints are filed properly and based on data or purposes, of course, the customer service team will respond well to them. Or if the team and customers have not found common ground, of course, this will be transferred to the appropriate management. This is because telkomsel halo call center services continue to strive to ensure the best quality.


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